Waiariki Pools, Ngawha Springs

Name: Grace eruera
Rating: 10/10
on 31 May 2010

I couldnt have got through my last trimester, being pregnent without ngawha pools. Favourite is the one for hapu women. I love it. Went there as often as i cld at dark time under the stars. Would get a better sleep, relax me an baby and no more aches. Works like magic! Must try it..

Awesome to take the whanau for a relaxing, healing soak up. Our whanau love it. The white mud works wonders on your skin, leaving your skin soft an shiny! Smells abit, but knowing that its a natural earth smell, it dosnt bother me. My 5yr old and 1yr old sons love it too.

Highly recomend to all pregnent women. Aches an pains, grumpy moods, cant sleep, cramps- have a soak up at ngawha pools and i promise u will feel much better afterwards. Fantastic and great for the whole whanau. Better to swim jst goin on dark, closes at 9pm. Under the stars, in the rain. Lovely!