Waiariki Pools, Ngawha Springs

Name: Tane McManus
Rating: 10/10
on 29 January 2012

This was surprisingly good, was a bit shocked initially at how run down it was, but then I was struck by how cheap it was $10 for all 3 of us, and the frendlieness of the woman there, she was very hospitable and went out of her way explaining the place to every visitor (Including telling them to stay out of Bulldog as it was 52 degrees that day). The pools are a great mix, nearly 20 in all and they are totally natural and refreshing. I would definitely come back. Just a couple of minor gripes, one being the mens bathroom have a few holes in the floor and some parts of the complex have steps that crush on the edge and the path between the two parts may be harsh on unshod feet. But still at $4 a piece this is an undiscovered gem waiting for you. However if you just want artificial commercial luxury stay at Waiwera, but for those purists this is almost how Maori bathed in the days before Europeans. It has great pools (Something for everyone including two heavenly cool pools – 24 degrees) and several very hot ones, but the bulk are 36 -40 degrees and like the host said, you should start in Tane Mahuta as this pool is the largest and its got the best temperature. Do be wary of the storage, as the shed had bird poop on the floor and best to waer jandals and take them around the complex with you. The very friendly kuia up the front will mind keys, money etc for you. Bring your own grub. But prepare for one of the most value for money and true kiwi experiences there is. I think you should go here as well as its a local Maori enterprise and shows us all the positive and real side of Maoridom.