Waiariki Pools, Ngawha Springs

Name: Liana Dean
Rating: 10/10
on 31 January 2012

I had gone to Ngawha springs with a friend & previously b4 going there my eye had a continuous leaky tear duck for 2months the doctors had given me all they could for the 2months ointments eye drops pills etc the next step for the doctors was a tear duck operation i had been told from them prior to last appointment, but before making that was to happen with being reffed to the op my friend took me to ngawha & so when we got there we asked them about it & they told us to try the bulldog pool & they said to close my eye then with the water wash it closed & wait for the eyes to dry off & not to open them till dried & so i did all that , Yes ma eye kept leaking but slowly for a a few days then2weeks later the leaking had stopped from my right eye i couldn’t believe it there was no more leaking i had taken 2 weeks but i am now & always going to be a believer & recommend people to go there & try it don’t ask for the miracle srt8 away because you’ll notice it within a day to a few weeks…. MEAN MAORI MEAN KA PAI NGAWHA