Waikite Valley Thermal Pools

Name: Philip
Rating: 8/10
on 1 July 2010

Nice Pools and pleasant surroundings.

For a free warm swim around here continue along Waikite Valley road west from the pool several hundred metres and turn right (north) onto Corbett road about 100m along here is a bridge under the bridge is a fair sized pool in the stream. When I was there after recent rain it was a nice temperature, it might get too hot if there had been no rain for a while.

[WARNING: The steam temp is often dangerously hot: 50 – 60 degrees, can also be fast flowing, and the bank is undermined in places therefore making it potentially dangerous for people (especially kids) standing on the bank and it giving way. You are advised to stay out of the stream.Sheldon Nesdale, NZHotPools.co.nz]