Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Me him and the Kids
Rating: -/10
on 11 May 2008

We took the kids to Waingaro for a treat in the hoildays, What a waste of money, It cost us $90.40 (we were charged for using eftpos) and we where there for 2.5 hrs…A total waste, It would of been better to go to the movies…The lady in the shop was rude, she really needs to do a customer service course, But I feel at her age it would be a waste, they really should sell to someone that wants to run it. The kids loved the slide, But I had to walk around and ask other parents if they wanted to go and pay so the kids could have a turn, Was told that the bumper boats wouldnt be turned on, I asked why and was told, “I dont want too”, I cant be bothered. We didnt take food, we looked on the website and saw the restaurant and thought we would eat there, and it wasnt open and I was told it wouldnt be untill maybe next week. A total waste and disapointment, We will not be going back.