Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: John
Rating: -/10
on 11 May 2008

Having stayed there for a weekend I will never be going back.

I used the kitchen as I was staying in a tent. There was no hot water tap in the kitchen, just a cold water tap and the boiler. Spills where still to be found uncleaned 2 days later.

There were spider webs in the louvres that had been there so long that one spider hav hatched some babies and another had died and was dessicated. Only about 3 of the 12 elements on the stoves were working. Flyspots were clearly visible on surfaces.

In the mens toilet on level C two louvres in the cubicle had been broken and replaced with transparent glass which meant that the people staying in level D could look right into the toilet cubicle.

The bumperboats boasted about in an advert I heard while staying there were a joke. The bumperboat pool was approximately half filled by the recent rains. Most of the boats did not even have their inflated tubes attached. It appeared that only 1 or 2 were anywhere near ready to ride.

In the 5 days I was there I never saw the takeaways open once. In order to emter the site people must stop outside the office. This causes a problem in that drive is too narrow for cars to pass someone waiting at the office. I was once stuck behind domeone for nearly 10 minutes before I was able to drive in.

This place is a polar opposite to other camping grounds I have stayed at. 0 is too high a rating.