Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Carol
Rating: -/10
on 11 May 2008

I have wondered when someone would complain.
In February I had my elderly parents here from the UK. We went on a visit to the Hot Pools. When we arrived there was no one there to take our money. My daughter walked around the pools complex for about 15 minutes looking for someone to take our money. My daughter managed to find off duty assistant to come and take our money. All the while we had 6 people sitting in our car waiting. We proceeded to the pools.
When we got into the pools the owner Amro Sing came running down to us demanding to know in a very unfriendly way if we had paid. When we assured her we had paid, what about the baby she said? Did you pay for her? We assured her we did. We then got ready to go into the pools. When we were in the pools Amro then shouted down from the shop area did our granddaughter who is 2 years old have a protective nappy on? At the time I was holding the child and pulled up her swimming togs to show the woman that she of course had a protective nappy on.
It had been a year since I visited these pools and Amro reminded me once again why I did not visit them more frequently. Never again will I visit Waingaro Hot Pools. Amro’s attitude is disgusting. I shudder to think the number of overseas visitors that she has been rude to. It is almost as if the woman is not right in the head.
As for the state of the place. It looks very shabby and run down. The toddler pool was empty on the day we visited. There was no life guard on duty.
I hope the council are made aware quite clearly how this woman treats her paying guests. (Very rudely). I personally will never go back there never mind take another overseas visitor to the place.
(In ending I would just like to add in the past we had a caravan at both Sapphire Springs and Opal Hot Pools for years) with no trouble from these owners at all.
This woman needs to move on and let someone else bring these pools up to a decent standard for tourists. It used to be a lovely complex with friendly owners. If she is too old to cope with the place move on.
Racial slur on her she says. No way, Look at the place woman and your attitude when speaking to people it is disgraceful. It is not bathing in the Ganges you are running. But a respectable tourism attraction in a civilised country. Go retire.