Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Denise
Rating: -/10
on 12 May 2008

After reading all the comments online i am disappointed at how patrons have been treated.
I used to visit the pools with my youth group a few years ago. The pools back then were one of the most enjoyable times for me.
Awesome service, clean pools and very friendly owners.
The key back then was that the owners saw the complex as a “family friendly” place not a money grabbing place.
To the owners now “to make money you need to spend money” not just on the complex but on your PR skills as well.
Take note of the comments that are both negative and positive, swallow your pride and move forward.
From the 90 odd comments made about the pools they can’t all be wrong or racist.
Waingaro is a part of the waikato history if you can’t bring it back to it’s former glory sell it to someone who can.
IF i weren’t living in Perth I would even try and buy it myself.
When i return back home i will certainly go and have a look for myself.

Denise – Perth Australia