Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: been there many times
Rating: 5/10
on 13 May 2008

I think we will always be a world occupied by a pecentage of people who will always find a flaw.

Why is it that all of the complaints have not been discussed with the Proprietors of Waingaro Hot Springs.?

Why is it, certain complainers have forgotten to mention of their attempted demand for refunds after staying all weekend in one of the motels which includes free all day access to pools during their stay.

Why should OSH be brought in ?
Possibly to remind some of the holidaying supervisors that any child or non – confident person should be supervised at ALL times by a person 16yrs or older!

That Waingaro Hot Pools is Thermal orientated and should not look crystal clear.

Gosh …
The things some of us do as working class citizens..

Complain when we’re on holiday or trying to relax, then Complain at work about not having a holiday or time to relax.