Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Leon Wiki
Rating: 8/10
on 16 May 2008

Reading the comments in the Waikato times over the last few days took me by surprise. I’m a youth leader from Raglan, and I often take a handful of youth to the pools for an afternoon swim, or an overnight camp. I don’t think we have one bad word to say about the place. The pools seem nice and clean, there is a slight odor of sulfur, but only because the water is from a natural spring. Toilets are fine. The kitchen has provided us with many simple meals, and it’s been great watching some late night TV in the lounge.
As for the customer service, the owners are definitely quirky. But I think it’s a part of the charm. In fact, my youth no longer like to sit in the car as I pay; they enjoy coming in and saying hello to Amro (because she calls them sweeties and honey pies).
The price is not too bad. I always compare it with going to the movies or bowling. Where else can you pay $10 for 12 hours of entertainment?
So I speak for myself and the 20ish different youth who have visited over the last year. We think the pools are awesome, and we will continue being regular visitors no matter what the press says. And to the owners, try to keep positive, and hopefully my crew will be out your way soon to cheer you up.