Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Corinne
Rating: 8/10
on 18 May 2008

I have read, both Susan’s and Leon’s comments and have to agree.
Neither my family or the group of friends that were their in April 08, found anything wrong. It is easy for someone to find bad in anything. This the press person Sunday News, really think that the pools are not regularly checked, this is a commercial complex. When I saw the pictures and have to search my brain, I can’t remember seeing rubbish, Susan must be right in her location of where the rubbish is, where would the reporter like to stick it … must have been a ‘hat trick, a toenail, a bed stain, and a plastic bag in a sink, ‘boy if this is the only reason to condem a place, those who are suffering in China would gladly take up residencey. A bit picky I think. As for E Coli, when is the second test being run, this time please confirm if a scientist is actually doing the collection of the samples. 100% agree with Susan, Leon, and other positive responses on this web site. I believe Waignaro pays to belong to this site, so they are expecting comments good and bad, so if you are going to say this place is dirty, where, is their rubbish everywhere, can’t have scum on the pools water, as it is continuly being filled, back up what you write with constructive facts…. how can things you percieve to be wrong be changed, the Singhs are not responsible for the age of the pools, Waikato District Council are happy, (could you image the cost to bulldoze and start again), I see the Singhs challenge anyone to check them out … come on, old is not dirty, our friends and my family will still use this place, … come along and judge for yourselves…. if you don’t like old, don’t come …. make you own minds up.