Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Katherine Savage
Rating: 10/10
on 31 May 2008

Greetings to all you hot poolers out there. Sure we need to moniter the cleanliness of our public hot pools, we need to ensure our childrens health is not at risk should they put their heads under the water or accidently swallow some water. I have been swimming at these hot pools for 45 years and was horrified to find out that a sneaky Sunday newspaper journalist had used the hot pools complex as an opportunity to meet a deadline to submit a story knowing that bins would be full (good for them) and there may be signs that humans just may have recently occupied the kitchen and abolution block that day, (wow it must be safer not to let anyone through the gates). I will continue to go to Waingaro Hot Pools and use the complex as I have done in the past without fear of health problems and enjoy the lovely place. My concerns lie with the sneaky journalists who have set about to defame the owners, `did they own up to what he and his camera man got up to in the motel unit?) should we investigate? A Local