Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Shanz
Rating: -/10
on 15 June 2008


When we read the article a few weeks ago, me and my family could not believe it. Everything we read was on the mark. It is a disgusting place. Our family spent easter weekend down there in 2006 and were so shocked with what we recieved it, we were shocked. Our Jug that was in our cabin did not work and when replaced with another one, it had really bad stains and looked unfit to boil water in it. We ended up not using the jug at all, since we did not want to ask for a third jug.
We have small children and when we were at our cabin, extra safety measures had to be taken, as Mrs Singhs son would be in his car speeding around the site. He saw our children but did not make the attempt to slow down. We were going to complain about him to Mrs Singh, but later discovered it was actually her son. We just did not let our kids out of our site after that. We did see pubic hairs and plasters in the pool and were disgusted. It could be a beautiful place, but over the years they have let it go. At one point, me and my mother noticed a time where there was no life guard at all, we made sure our kids were fully supervised and were concerned with the lack of supervision. To top it off you could hear Amro Singh’s voice from one end of the complex to the other, she was shouting all the time, to staff, to swimmers, still to this day, our family are disgusted and can still hear her voice, im glad that we can laugh about it now! Would not go back, anytime soon.