Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Rachel
Rating: 2/10
on 28 July 2008

Yuck, this place is gross. I don’t know how it got a clean bill of health recently by inspectors. The owners must have had warning beforehand of the inspection. We went to Waingaro about a year ago. I thought it was quite run down and grotty then and following that visit I came down with a horrendous ear infection. So bad that had to have very strong antibiotics and tramadol for the pain. Gave the place the benefit of the doubt and when my kids and family wanted to go about 6 months later decided to try it again. This time the white resin tables by the big pool were covered in splattered blood, someone had shat in the hottest pool and the lifeguard was texting and not even in the remotest bit interested in what was going on in the pool. What a disgusting place, I suggest that it is sold or leased to people who will keep it clean and healthy. I’d pay a few dollars more for a spotless experience.