Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: T & W
Rating: 6/10
on 3 January 2009

Visited Waingaro for the first time 1/1/09 may need a littile touch up but however we had a ball, the children loved it the hydroslide absolutely fabulous but i think the price should include the slide, it was a bit too steep BUT it was not so bad..I know if i have read the comments in this site I know I probably would not have taken my family there..but I’m glad I didn’t because it just shows not to judge anything by just reading it but actually be there and see it yourself before u can make a comment…we all have different thoughts, expectations, likings, needs, opinions etc…if you are into the ritzy snobby ways then I suggest you stay away..but if you are in for a mere cheap, fun, family orientated places with reasonable facilities to accommodate your needs and just have a nice relaxing time out then this is the place…I could not see any evidence of rubbish, grubby dirty facilities and unattended pools (life guards) as a matter of fact the guards were always on the alert and movng around the pools all the time..even my husband and I were having a little laugh at the fitness and age of the life guards..some of them were grandmas..lol..but they were on the roll..we cannot fault them on that..the owners are pleasant enough..sometimes people! ..for goodness sake..look outside the square..Amros is who she is..loud etc..and that just her tone of voice but really how she talk is not intended to be rude..I first thought of that I was ready to pounce back at her..but I stood back and studdy the women..she is not everyone perceive her to be..live a little people and stop picking on little things that aint important..life is too precious to spent all your ernergy on finding faults rather than finding happiness in the littlest things that you can find and you will see that life is not so bad after all…live to the fullest and enjoy..WAINGARO SPRING..WE WILL BE BACK