Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: W & T
Rating: -/10
on 3 January 2009

an addition to my previous comment I just want to say that as we all know that many reporters like to pick on things that are so small and build a mountain out of it..what about the 90% goodness..NO THAT DOES NOT MAKE A STORY HIT FRONT PAGE NO! NO! NO!..its all about popularity and money..I also notice a few comments made by people that has actually never been to the place..but their comments is so intense that you really think that they have actually been there..however they were only based on what they read in this review..that is what so wrong with society today..instead of FACTUAL AND ACTUAL..we tend to condem something or someone by what we read and heard but not actually what we see and felt…we believe to what other people wrote and we specifically go out and spend our precious time looking for these faults and we get so blinded in seing the good side of things..LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST PEOPLE PUT MORE POSITIVE THOUGHT IN YOUR LIFE AND OVER WEIGH THE BAD!!!Life is what you make of..if you want to be picky picky..then I feel sorry for u..you live a shadow life..I may admitt the place need a few touch up and modenise it a bit, but thats all whats wrong with the place..disgusting, dirty rude etc is a bit
exaggerated..My husband and I are very particular with hygiene and cleanliness..I tell you one thing, the place is not the Ritz but it was clean and efficient enough for us to take our children and have an AWSOME TIME and we will make it a regular place to visit