Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: never again
Rating: 2/10
on 4 January 2009

As the pervious comment as mentioned …we all have different thoughts, expectations, likings, needs, opinions etc.. And … My husband and I are very particular with hygiene and cleanliness. We have just came back some Waingaro, stayed there on the 31st and wanted to leave the next morning, however we stayed till the 3rd and what we saw was yuck!

The lack of cleaning in the cabins was horrible, you say you’re very particular on hygiene but if you saw the amount of effort and time was out into cleaning you would be amazed. We were outside our cabin, waiting for the next door cabin to be cleaned ready for us, we watched the workers clean, took 10 MAX to clean the room. A bit of spray on the tables, no bucket and mop, just a bit of dish washing liquid on the mop to clean the floor, no change of sheets, (yes we did bring our own linen), but when you find white marks all over the bedding that’s distrusting and when you still see food and beer stains on the table, if makes you wonder what s in the spray. Could have gone to Hamilton and paid $80 for a better room there

The Sunday News wrote about Waingaro and I was astonished when I read that they tested the drinking water to find the resort has six times the normal level of E.coli, this explains why my partner and brother in law felt ill, had sore stomachs and bowl motions, the whole time, they didn’t want to use the pools because they had to keep running to the toilet.

Long story short, not for us, not tidy, no big screen playing, not paying 6 bucks for 10 minutes to use bumper boats and that’s only goes if you have four people.