Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Rating: 1/10
on 29 September 2010

Waingaro Hot Springs I remembered was an awesome place, where I had so much fun as a kid.
August 2005 I was attending a Equine training course and our mid year break was close, so I suggested Waingaro Hot Springs, as I wanted to enjoy the fun I once had there with a cool group of people.
It was not the place I remembered, the place was expensive, there were NO Bumper Boats, the Slides WERE’NT going, and they would’nt turn them on unless 8 people were using them, which I payed for just so I could use the slide, otherwise it would be just another pool.
THE PLACE HAS TURNED INTO A SHIT HOLE ! ! ! ! Sad to say, but it’s TRUE.

Their Ad I recall it running in the mid to late 80’s.