Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Andrew
Rating: 1/10
on 16 December 2010

I live in Raglan and work in the tourist industry here. On a windy, cloudy day, it seemed a great idea to go there, so I googled it and found this site, thankfully. I have read the 160+ reviews in full – with an open mind.
I found no racism in the comments, and a spread of comments from lots of different people, familys, locals etc.
Overwhelming me somewhat, rude staff is the major theme to these. Dirty generally is the other theme. Either way, clients of mine say to treat it as a novelety, one time only experience – in how NOT to do business. Splinters from the slides have been reported 3 times to me, rude staff – EVERYTIME! Slides…never on! Lifeguards, smoking and drinking around the pool. Er…I am a lifeguard, I can’t remember either being practised at training? Sounds like ‘fake’ lifeguards, as anybody trained would never do either in front of the public.
If the pools are for sale, I’ll buy them – people clearly have fond memories from years gone by, it would be nice to rekindle rather than ruin these…
Some rather obvious comments from owners/operators/friends have peppered what is a very negative picture, into a confusing 1/10, or 10/10 picture. There isn’t alot of middle ground.
In conclusion, I enjoy my bum without fiberglass splinters (its better for sitting on!), I like my ears without infections, and I find pubic hair, poo and plasters comments enough to stop me getting in the car. Read all the reviews, and look carefully at the positive ones, they sound too good to be true…
Amro, if I ever meet you, it will be too late – you sound horrible, loud and generally rude, all I expect is an argument over a refund. I enjoyed reading what people wrote about you…..it was exactly what my customers said you were like.
Please go bankupt, so I can buy you out….and make this place worthy of a visit…
Expect a comment that is positive to follow….