Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Frat
Rating: 9/10
on 17 January 2011

I highly recommend this place to everyone.
A new experience that you would like.
A family place that as any other places has a good and downsides.
The good things about it are
1-Family environment.
2-A lot of seats and sitting places.
3-Cheap entry($11 pp+$6 for slides) compared to any other places as Waiwera that charges $28 pp!.
In addition to that we rented the barbeque for $10 only compared to $60 or $80 that Waiwera charges!
Although they have got two slides only,my family and I had fun.
My only recommendation would be to add more slides.Hence I rate it 9/10.

Dr Frat Yousif/Auckland