Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: fiona
Rating: 9/10
on 23 July 2011

Hey guys Ive being going to the pools since I was three years old, I’m now fifty.
You all have no idea what the pools were like then, what an amazing make over its had we go every year at least ten times with my family and friends we pay our entry which i feel is reasonable.
Im there to look after my kids not the life guards they are there to assist.
We enjoy useing the facilties e.g bbq the covered area we make do, if these areas are already used.
The slides is the best thing for the kids we pay one price and the kids use it all day. I’m glad they close it at particular times as I would have a hard time getting the kids to eat and have a rest.
It saddens me that people can speak so poorly of a lovely place its what you make of it, llike any public place.
The staff have been lovely when-ever we have gone, and grounds are clean. Some public are disgusting and rude when visiting these places, their children will leave messes in the toilet area or surroundings, not inform staff and walk off.
Many comments here sound like ex staff that have got it in for the owners and employees, all I can say is you people need to get a life and Grow up, you will not deter me or my family and friends from going there. Keep smiling waingaro hot pools you are all doing a great Job.