Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: hine jury
Rating: 8/10
on 3 September 2011

Hubby and I had decided it was high time for a family weekend away. After searching the net, we came across Waingaro Hot Springs. The place sounded great and best of all, affordable for us. We left Auckland and set off with our 5 kids aged 2,4,5,8 and 11. When we arrived I was dissapointed with what i saw, a pokey little cabin, not much bigger than our lounge at home, with 2 elements to cook on and 2 small pots to cook meals for 7 people. I was DISGUSTED. While i was unloading our vehicle (quietly kicking myself for paying what i thought was a rip off) i saw and heard the excitement my children had in their voices and in the faces. As the saying goes – when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. With a quick adjustment of my attitude and I was good as gold. It rained alot over the weekend but that didnt matter coz the pools wer warm, i was glad we had taken our 14″ and playstation for the kids coz the communal tv room was always occupied by an elderly camper who didnt like the kids making noise. On our last night, the children came up from the pool early (it was highly unexpected of them) they said the life guard said they had to close the pools, i went to investigate coz it wasnt due to close for another couple more hours. I went out and saw alot of people standing on the banks, the rain was coming off the hills and flooding out the pools. It was definitely a sight to see. All in all we had an amazing family weekend and i WILL definitely take my family there agen.