Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: james
Rating: -/10
on 29 August 2011

There have been two complaints brought to the ASA Advertising Standards Authority. Both upheld against Waingaro hot springs in the last 12 months.

The first one of these was brought 8th of December 2010 reference (10/650).

That complaint centered around the advert, and its truthful presentation. The complaint was upheld against Waingaro hot springs.

Then another complaint was brought by myself, to the Advertising Standards Authority. (11/253) again upheld, on the same grounds as the previous complaint 8 Months earlier… Their advert is not a truthful representation of Waingaro hot springs.

Now can every body please stop suggesting people giving Waingaro low scores is a set up from a disgruntled employee. The advert uses 20 year old photos with an update 12 years ago. In the second ruling they express disappointment the advertisers have not followed the advice from the previous ruling.

The agency says if it films a new advert in HD “If there was any thing unsightly, we would not show it. We would highlight the positive, and leave out the negative,” Top of page three of the Decision. I struggle to think of quite what they intend to film. To quote Obama “you can put lipstick on a pig…. But it’s still a pig”.

The place in my opinion is a run down. The bumper boats apparently run however the pool was totally empty when I visited and the maintenance team were absent. Warning the slide will only run if they get six people to pay. Then there are rumors they then run intermittently when they do run. The whole place is generally in a state of disrepair and needs to be totally refurbished. The restaurant is now closed.

I give them a rating of 0 stars… they must do better and correct their advert in line with the ruling of the ASA. It has potential to be good, but has got to the point where it needs a major refurbishment and investment of funds.