Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: S Hartley
Rating: -/10
on 18 September 2011

Visited Today 18 9 11. Met by Hitlers sister, tried to communicate with a person who lacked any communication skills but specialised in grunts and the ability to answer questions by not answering. Had the feeling Hitlers sister was going to confiscate our passports but after watching her race up and down the drive realised she practicing to do a ram raid on us for not paying for something that we shoulndt have had to pay for.
There were more signs around this dump than a high security prison. One telling prisoners oopps sorry patrons that only white tops were allowed the other saying no tops allowed. My friend and I being definitly not pussys were on edge all the time here and were thinking at one stage we may have to fight our way out. When we did escape all we could think was what a waste of time and money.It was a pity as this place could be a good spot with a few hundred thousand bucks and some lessons in hospitality it could improve.
P.S I sure we could hear banjos playing somewhere.