Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: K Peters
Rating: 1/10
on 10 October 2011

Ex pat revisiting NZ so I decided to mystery shop as I was going to Raglan and wanted to find a stop on the way for the family, but after reading the site comments, decided to find out who is telling the truth. I had been to the springs about 8 years ago and wanted to see if it was better or worse than the 5/10 I would have given it then. Worse guys, this place is Fawlty Towers without the humour. Terrible service, obnoxious staff, filthy dirty toilets. Waikato Health Board should be taking faecal tests of the water, seats, surrounds etc. Close it down and bring in some new owners. I agree that the 10/10 comments are fraudulent and cannot see how any sane person thinks thery are getting value for money here. Go to the beach instead…safer, cleaner, and probably just as warm in the water. Let the buyer beware.