Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: ken
Rating: -/10
on 13 December 2011

People, people – let’s look at the facts. Waingaro Springs is an old facility which to upgrade would require serious financial outlay. But it has its charm, harking back to bygone days and gives many reviewers the happy sense of nostalgia. I’m not that old, but I like it for its charm. The proprietors have character and charm too, like one reviewer said, “they crack me up”. Give the place a break with the negative feed back – I’m really grateful the place is still operating after all these years, and it being so off the beaten track. The water heat and quality is fantastic and any complaints about the general appearance and upkeep seem to be coming from people who need to have a babysitter permanently watching them. I’d say dont change the place at all – it’s gorgeous as it is, refreshing actually. Cold showers? So what?! Nice and bracing after the warm soak. Anyway, if you dont shower after it means those minerals which everyone apparently loves get to soak in more.