Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: James
Rating: -/10
on 21 January 2012

If you visit or have visited and the adverts are not true and correct….. Google them and my name, to get an answer backed up by a complaint.

If you have pictures you can report them to the advertising standards agency or as they will simply carry on regardless after that ruling with their adverts. Go directly to the commerce commission who have teeth to enforce their order.

Their new advert is hardly any better than their previous.

Bumper boats, has anyone seen these running in recent times? pool was empty when I visited.

Water slides only run for the crowds… their new advert still dose not state this and was part of a complaint december 2010. It appears they might also be dangerous as their should not be a correct way to go down the slide, to cause a cut requiring 13 stitches you would need to hit something that should not even be there

I thought they had a lifeguard on duty and I think first aid training is a requirment, as is a first aid kit.

The photos in the original advert were 20 years old and the new ones don’t look much newer.

I would also like to point out my observations are backed by a ruling their advert was misleading and the people who state how good the park is do not. Its quite odd the reviews go from 0-1 or 8-9 and 10. No one rates them in the middle. PS my rating is -10 out of 10.