Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Renee
Rating: 1/10
on 21 May 2012

[modified 19Jul2012] I am a high school teacher at Epsom Girls Grammar School. I took a team of 14 girls to stay at Waingaro Hot springs. The accomodation was terrible. The linen in our room was soiled, the heater barely let out any heat, and the room where the girls slept had one shower that went cold after 3 showers. The heaters werent also letting out much heat and then there was a power outage at night. Probably from all the electricity usage from the girls using the heater, TV and charging their phones. The girls were absolutely freezing the 2 nights we stayed. As for the owners RUDE!!!!!! They are improfessional. DONT STAY!!! As for the pools… The male owner said he would throw in free slides, when we arrived, he said he didnt say anything like it!! He said it must of been his wife! I happen to know the difference between a male and female voice… Although Im now glad we didnt let my girls on those slides, I would have not liked to have dealt with accidents.
The pools are at least hot! but their showers in the changing room are COLD!?