Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Vicky
Rating: 1/10
on 2 November 2012

I have been extremely busy at work of late, and felt as if I had been neglecting my children lately working such ridiculous hours. I stole them away from school on a Friday afternoon. We arrived at Waingaro at 2:00 pm approx and waited for some time at the cashiers cabin. No one. We made our way down the driveway and saw some whom I thought must’ve been staff. She told us to go in and pay when the cabin was attended. We went in, feeling very uncomfortable about it and my kids went into the pool after I told them to (relluctantly). They swam for about an hour and I got them out and we made our way to the cashiers cabin where a man was now attending. I had noticed that for my kids (5yrs, 8yrs) I would be expecting to pay $6 each, totalling $12. I passed my card over to the man expecting him to say “twelve dollars please”…but NO he told me “20 BUX!! 6 per child and 8 FOR SPECTATORS!!!”…NEVER have I felt soooo ripped off!! I looked for the sign – showing this pricing – NONE. I was disgusted. I went home to do some research. 12 hot/thermal pools surveyed, 8 did not have a spectator’s fee, one was $1, one was $2, one was $3 and one was $9 BUX!!! Although there is no justification for it was MARGINALLY a nicer site. I am NOT happy. $12 for an hour is ridicuously easy money in my mind and then ‘to charge the person who brought them the money and didn’t even use a service????’ …GUTTED!!!!!