Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: WillKat
Rating: 3/10
on 30 April 2013

Pools from Drive in Entry look inviting…
Nice Drive up to the Cabins – Unfortunately we parked our vehicle outside our cabin, it was a little Tight – and very Muddy at the time. *(need more Gravel).
Cabins are equipped, Electrics all go – note to oneself (Bring your own Bedding) as the under-sheet and pillows are a bit Stale… Eewww.
There are about Eight Cabins: two toilets and one shower in the Ladies, I suppose it’s the same in the Mens too – *(Surely there’s a handy man in your community, have you thought to extend the Bathroom/s?).
Major Disappointment and must be removed from the Brochure – NO Takeaway Bar, – solution: bring a couple of loaves Buttered Bread, Sausages and Sauce the BBQ’s $10.00 for an hour, no biggie to bring your own Fruit and Drinks – if your rich The Tuck shop is there so bring plenty of Dosh.
NO Bumper Boats? been like this for awhile *(need a Handy man to fix & a Pool fella to sort that yukkie pool out).
OMGsh the Kitchen is home for Birds eg: holes where they make their nests, Eewww the smell in the kitchen is Grosse – The Grill on all stoves don’t work, too grotty I wouldn’t dare make toast in there anyway. If you are camping in a Tent, you are out of luck – Cabins have Toasters and Fridges.
*(Please call your Handy man and fix your Stoves and give the place a Major Disinfecting – need a Builder to Fix the holes in the Ceiling too)
Hydro-slide: One life guard? you really need another at the top too – this will help avoid pile up of swimmers crashing into each other on the way down the slides / Life guard should let the swimmers know not to run up that wet slippery path way – I’ve seen many accidents happen there *(Safety is Priority).
Amro is Wonderful, helpful and her and her Family work very Hard – it would Be Awesome if Hamilton council pulled the community together for a Service project on this place.
Many hands can make a difference.
Will be watching out for changes, we’ll be Back.