Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Shane
Rating: 2/10
on 30 April 2013

Having been a regular swimmer here in my teens, I just couldn’t believe the bad reviews and had to see it for myself. Well the hot pool wasn’t hot…about the same temp as the big pool…no mor than 25/26C. The hot (not) pool had bits of flaky something floating throught the water and what looking like clumps of hair rolling around the bottom. The big pool was cloudy an felt yuk. The hot (not) pool used to have continuous flow of hot water flowing in…this isn’t the case now. It is like what you would expect from stagnant water. IMHO this is a case of amoebic meningitis waiting to happen. The showers have cold water only (they have a sign that says this). The games room is locked and in a cage. The bumper boat pool has only 3 boats, the other shells are on the decking. Overall i would advvise against going here. I was here 10 minutes and got my money back. Amro gave me my money back, clearly not happy, but there was no yelling or screaming. Price was reasonable if they get their act together.
A real pity they have ruined this tourist icon.