Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Susan Dalziel
Rating: 10/10
on 2 October 2013

My eldest daughter is 37 years old, that is how long i have visited the pools, over that time I have found mine and my family visits ‘an awsome time out from the busy hussle of life’ relaxing in the pools, the toilets are spotless. I have been at the pools when school groups have attended and watched the lifeguards cast a watchful eye on the swimmers. At times we have stayed in there cabin and motels, these have always been cleaned to a high standard with fresh sheets etc. By chance I stayed in the motel that the family is complaining of ‘fleas’ I can say this is absolute rubbish. For a family day out the pool is value for money. The owners and there staff want every visiter to return, so they don’t provided bad service, however I have observed some visiters behaving badly, these ones are asked to leave, so others can continue to enjoy a hazzle free relaxing experience. ‘By the way’ did the person who wrote about the bumper boats not operating did you ask why they were not operating instead of writing negative feed back’ I asked and was told the last big flood from the mountains behind caused a problem so the water inside the bumper boat area needed to be emptied ‘some things humans can not control’ Go to the pools enjoy 🙂