Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: bobby
Rating: -/10
on 11 January 2014

SHIT!!!!!!!!!was just thinking about this place and going for a visit again and taking my 8 year old son.. its been about 12 years since i have been and what i can remember from that visit, was by the sounds of it nothing has changed they the owners are still rude as!!!!! and out dated food!!!!!.we remember that to!!!!..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! so many mixed reviews but my inner self is swaying towards its still the outdated place it was…..by the sounds of it,you would of been extremely lucky to go there when the bumper boats actually worked…sounds like same excuse used for last 12 years…and they the water slides have always just been turned on for a certain amount of time..so nothing changed there……but in-saying this i still mite just take that trip down when it re opens as i remember the slides were alot of fun and they didnt mind us standing up on the speed slide…now you gota love that….will give another review once i return when its opens again….Geeeeeeeee i really hope im not gona be asking for my money back….flmfao…also to all aussies …..come on i grew up in aussie as a kid and you will never find any water slides that compete in nz at all..shame really cause they so much fun…….the speed slide here is best slide in nz and only because you can stand up on it…….some please build a decent water slide park in nz…….