Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Bronsan
Rating: 10/10
on 27 January 2014

Chood and Amro are good people. No question. You just need to take the time to get to know them. They are really funny. It must be understood that Amro is an extreme extrovert. You will not find anyone more extrovert than Amro. She is fearless and will speak her mind in any situation. That is just how she is. Putting  water quality aside, much criticism stems from differing cultural values and ideology and should be considered in this light. The caste system mentality should be appreciated for the humour it evokes. Visitors to Waingaro are randomly treated to what amounts to quality, free, spontaneous, live, reality comedy theatre, that eclipes even the very best TV comedy, like Fawlty Towers.  Basil Fawlty routinely abuses and insults his staff and patrons. That is what makes him so funny. Instead of taking offence when Amro shouts at patrons in person, or yells at them over the loud speaker, or blows her whistle and pokes them with a pole, they
should appreciate how lucky they are to be involved in such high quality, real life reality comedy. Imagine what it would cost to employ John Cleese, (Basil Fawlty), to fulfill this role?? The patrons get this free entertainment for no extra outlay. They are very lucky and should recognise what comical gems Amro and family are.
Unfortunately, the comedy element is counter productive and lost on the average visitor. Instead of appreciating the humour, the visiting public often take offence and stay away in droves.
If Amro (conservatively) abuses, shouts at or offends only one person per week, that amounts to 1000 people over 20 years. Virtually none of these patrons will return. Statistically, each aggrieved customer in such incidences, then tells 10 potential customers, on average. That amounts to 10,000 individuals that will boycott the venue. Unfortunately, this is the single most significant factor in the decline of attendance. Prior to the Singh family tenure, the place was always packed, the car parks crowded and vehicles parked on the road outside. That is how packed it was. Now, you can go there anytime and the place will be virtually empty. Amro, despite her best intentions, has unwittingly decimated the turnover to a fraction of what it was previously. Sadly, l
ocals just don’t go there. Previously, a large number went weekly, from all around the district. Kiwis seem to take offence far too easily and fail to realise the value of the live comical theatre unfolding before them. We can learn from them – Kiwis need to get a sense of humour.
So what if she shouts at you or blows her whistle and pokes you with a pole? So what? Yes, I know it’s not normal but it is extremely funny, you must admit. And that is how it should be viewed.
I rate Chood and Amro’s unique reality theatre very highly, at 10/10.