Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Mel
Rating: -/10
on 1 February 2014

OMFG What a joke of a place. I am so angry even a day later I am spewing about this shit hole. Let me tel you NZ all the negative comments about this place is true, even though we didnt get to experience the filthy looking premises I believe it all. Let me tell you this readers, on a scorching hot day my husband and I and our 4 kids all under 7, drove a long, hot, loooooong windy drive to the pools only to find the fking thing was closed. No signs anywhere so say so. I so wished I had of seen these reviews before hand. Not only that the fling website dosent even say its closed. The end of the school holidays and we thought we,d do one last whanau thing together and dum ass me chose this place as we had never been before. What an absolute waste of space. I hope the council shut it down or someone else takes over. At least I know never to wonder again what it will be like at Waingaro hot springs. I know we will never go back, and I haven’t stop ringing friends and whanau to tell them don’t waste their time and gas.

We went yesterday. 0/10
31 jan 2014