Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: shirley
Rating: -/10
on 5 February 2014

No 343 (Bronson) Either you have a warped sense of humour or you are a relation of the Singhs.This place has been closed because of safety and health reasons through lack of care, attention and upkeep.
These people deserve all they get as they have had their hand out for a long time and have given little back.
They dont even have the courtesy to place ‘closed ‘ signs at major turnoffs to Waingaro some 20 kms away, so you dont know until you get there that it is shut down.
Thumbs down to them as this could be an awesome tourist jewel if it were handled properly but sadly too much money may be needed to bring it up to standard and most unlikely from its current owners. Its certainly the Fawlty Towers of hot pools and is likely to stay that way until a new owner has the guts to take it on.