Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Hiria Maniapoto
Rating: 8/10
on 30 May 2014

To the MOANERS-Get a life and stop finding faults that are’nt there. Okay there are some things that could do with a bit of repair and revamp but too big a change would spoil WAINGARO’S authenticity. I and my daughter worked for Amro and she makes sure we have those toilets,units, motels, kitchen in the past caravans spick n span clean. Amro checked work to make sure we cleaned properly, so I don’t know how her standards have changed drastically to cause these the bad reviews. Yea Amro is a straight shooter but if anyone needs help she will help if she can. I know from experience, you can get a lot of rude, demanding customers, also the Singh’s have to put up with a lot of prejudice crap-so come on give them a fair go. And you reckon the water is murky sometimes-the rule in the pools is wear proper swimwear(Togs and white t-shirts if you need to) but you get people wearing coloured tops any shorts(some jeans) this is mighty hard to control because people ignore the rules. Babies taken in pools with no swim nappy and crap so the pool has to be closed off until it is cleaned. I don’t know if other pools suffer the same problems I would surely like to find out. So one cannot help but lose the plot sometimes, quite frustrating. If areas have’nt been cleaned Amro’s workers must be pretty slack-because everyone has designated areas to clean and be responsible for. So give the SINGH’S a break for goodness sake, what they have done to the pools is a big improvement to what was years past and the pool charges are pretty reasonable compared to other areas. Instead of big moans make a list of things you believe they need to change and post it to them. It’s a BIG job running that type of business and if you don’t have reliable good staff one could have problems. So when the pools re-open I hope you all come back to Waingaro and and enjoy our countryside again-give AMRO & CHOOD another chance, I’m sure there will be good changes. From a Local and longtime pool user.