Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Susan Barron
Rating: 10/10
on 21 August 2014

‘The facts’ the council should be honest and transparent and give the media all the facts, or the media should provide all the facts if they have them – why did they close it down – ‘even though the Council owns the land the Singhs own the chattles and business’ the council were going to buy it’ they sent in surveyors to complete a site inspection and that report provided by the councils surveyors listed a number of issues not known to the Singh’s, some pertaining to Geological concerns over the slide, with earthquake concerns. Over the years and most currently the Singh’s have provided there own Geological and Surveyors reports, and when and where necessary have used these reports to make sure the complex is safe. Their is now a dispute over these reports, Councils and Singh’s. Amros and Chood, they work all the hours under the sun to make sure the complex is clean and well maintained. When the age of the complex is taken into consideration. If they were to spend $10’s of thousands on up grades to bring the complex/buildings into the 21st centry when competing with a newer swimming complex’s in Hamilton less travel costs for most, or do they put money into making sure the complex is safe, clearly they want to make sure it is safe. All I do know is that water testing is sent out to laborities for testing, this paperwork must be available for immediate inspection by Council, this has always been provided, Council has conducted and signed off regular inspections of the complex, one must always remember an event such as the earthquakes or serious flooding changes the perseption of what maybe acceptable, and councils change acts regularly so the safety of any business activity is maintained. The unexpected closing of the pools by the council, is not about dirty toilets., it is about health and safety, slides, buildings etc, some of these are old, and need to be brought up to spec, they were deemed to be up to health and safety standards, just prior to the council’s surveyors report that closed the complex suddenly in December., Give the Singh’s the opportunity to resolve there differences with council, but those who have never visited the complex don’t write about things you do not know first hand, or gossip. The Singh’s have formed lifetime friendships, with repeat customers, and I know they want the business up and running as soon as possible. I know this couple would give you the shirt of their backs .. don’t knock them support them in there business as they have provided years of laxing for thousands of customers.
Foot note – Council should be supporting the Singh’s business it is good for torists, campervans, helping them see an untouched part of the country less than an hour out of Auckland.
My thoughts and thanks for the service you have provided me, my family and friends over the years. Let me know when the opening party will be 🙂