Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Sue Copland
Rating: 3/10
on 14 February 2007

I enjoyed the scenery on the way in, the folks in the pub were great and the accomodation was clean. I have to agree with some other comments though as I didn’t like the use of the loud speaker to tell people off either, it just distrubed the peace and quite you went there for in the first place. Would have been nice if their pool side shop had been open so you could sit and have lunch by the pool instead of having to go to the pub. They were late opening the pool and very late opening the water slide ride too. The biggest complaint I have is at the end of the evening when staff were clearing people from the pool, people who were obviously friends of the establishment were yelling at us from the window of a building adjacent to the pool. They were drunk and shouting dirty derogatory comments to us and telling us to hurry up and leave because they wanted to have a swim. I don’t know these people and have never spoken to them and I found this behaviour to be very offensive and was disappointed in the staff for allowing it to continue. I also think the place could benefit from new management.