Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Angela
Rating: 4/10
on 1 February 2007

We first stayed at the MOTEL across the road which was dusty smelly and not very nice, we ended up sleeping in our clothes wrapped up in our own blankets scared of getting bed bug bites…..the staff well where do we begin, firstly store stated that it opened at 9am and the woman cruised down at 9.12am one morning and had the cheeck to ask us “Do you want something?” change of management, leave the rides on all day, clean the bumper boat water, and open the on site shop, we wanted chips one night and were told to go to the pub which was fine when we got there we brought $5 chips for 4 kids and 2 adults it was the same as $1 chips we brought $10 chips and it was S..t….. to say the least…… NEED NEW MANAGEMENT and dont even ask me about the suposide life safers……. what a joke