Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Peter
Rating: 6/10
on 24 September 2007

I visited just recently with my family and the pools and slides were good but the lack of lifeguards was a bit surprising considering the many childern who were there. Make sure you bring enough adults to supervise your kids as i saw one child almost drown as his care givers were tending to another child in the pool and myself and a stranger had to pull the child up….no lifeguard in sight. Quite simply that’s unacceptable and so is my 5 year old son being able to use adjacent fencing to stand up and open the pool gates. The slides were a lot of fun and i’m glad they were open for most of the time thanks only to the great number of kids there as i was told that any less than 8 and the slides don’t open!! The water for the bumper boats was disgusting and looked as if they hadn’t been cleaned in months with algae and leaves and all sorts of stuff in the water. This looks like it may have been a great place back in the 80’s but it looks as if time has moved on and forgotten about it.