Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Susan
Rating: 6/10
on 26 September 2007

Mixed feelings really. It was not the greatest complex to look at – on arrival i was like oh my gosh -what have we come to, but you know it wasnt that bad in the end.

The unit had a broken heater and toaster but it was right next to the toilets so that was a plus. The bumper boats looked dodgy but the kids loved the slide. They pool wasnt quite as hot as it could have been but at night time they did empty the kids pool and it was full next morning so that was real good the lady in the shop a little grumpy but a character so it didnt bother me.

For my money i would have liked to have a working heater and toaster, adn have milk and coffee etc in there. The slides should not stop for lunch breaks cos thats not fair.

The price included the entry to pools and that in itself was good value.

Would i return?? To be honest, probably because my kids 10, 5 and 4 loved it!