Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: Susan
Rating: 10/10
on 1 March 2008

We took a group of 65 to this location for an over night birthday celebration,
my 50th Birthday. Some of the comments certainly are not justified. As these
pools have been going for years – over these years, they have added, accomodiate,
work closely with the hotel/resturant within a two minute walk. If you are wanting,
to park the car up, swim, relax, have an a liquid drink – not worry about a
DIC, this is the place to go.

Most of the comments on this site, complaint about the ‘old’ pools, etc, the
pools are crystal clear, and you can swim from one end to the other, if you
want to pay top dollar, for a little area to sit in, then go to Waiwera, they
may be e more modern, but then, look at what you are charged.

Waingaro, could not have been more helpful – before we booked – this event
it was a mystery 24 hours for our birthday guests, meeting at the Bombays, a
1/2 trip we were their, we were their as normal paying customers, first, just
checking it out – 67 people had an awsome 24 hours, adults doing kids things,
the hyrdoslide, bumper boats, some had quite times in their spa pools – everyone,
said they had forgotten how, quite the area was, and most had been their as
young children, yes it was a bit like stepping into the past, a past that alot
had forgotten existed. Green, forest like surrounds, larger park areas set up
for barbaques – cabins and Caravan sites all well set out – customers are the
ones that don’t used the bins, just drop paper, but we watched the morning clean
– up, a hive of actively – cleaning toilets, empty bins, new liners – for the
enjoyment of the next days visitors.

Check out our cost – booked out all the accomodation average out per head $40.00
includeds over night accomodation – included pool entry – those who didn’t find
this place an awsome place to go to – for value for money – and service – 10/10
– those who have complained on this site -nothing will please them – get a life.

We trailiered down our Big Barbaque and shade covers – set up across the road
at in front of the flats/motels – where else can you stay for this – motel/cabins/flat/
clean – insects come with the bush surrounds can’t blame pool owners for these,
take insect repellant – no big deal. Think about this place for your kids 21st
– 30th/40/50/60th no age barriers. We had guests who were 80 and enjoyed it
– own music, a bit of night time dancing out on the front flat lawn – make your
own fun – sometimes look outside the square – those coming from south meet us
at the Rangariri Pub – not to much of a double back – and if you wanted to swim
the next day – you could – so two swimming days – plus a bed for the night –
CHECK IT OUT !!!! – oldie but a goodie. Visit : November 07