Waingaro Hot Springs [CLOSED]

Name: jocelyn & evan fisher
Rating: -/10
on 11 May 2008

we arrived early evening without a booking but got one of the motel units. on entry the place smelled really bad, the table top was filthy the chairs stained and a hole in the wall was stuffed up with rags. there were cobwebs, dust and general filfth and the sheets on the bed were liberally sprinkled with hairs. we ended up sleeping in our sleeping bags and using clothes as pillows. we commented to the owners about the state of the place but they told us no one else had complained and we were being picky. I noticed that it had a four star rating from the AA so on arrival home complained to them telling them it downgraded their reputation. AA said they would look into it as their (waingaro)grading had been removed and they should not be
still advertising on their leaflets etc. As a result of our complaint they told the AA we had stolen their cups and saucers which was untrue as we didnot use them because they looked so dirty. wee went to the local hotel and had a meal and they told us that they had heard of many complaints.
We would not ever go back there. jocelyn fisher