Waitaha River Hot Springs

Name: Honora Renwick
Rating: -/10
on 13 September 2011

Update from Permolat as of Sept, 2011: we followed the original NZFS line from the old farm trail on the terrace up to Douglas Creek. The first part of the farm track is now obliterated by gravel flowing through the trees. The shingle fan is obviously still on the move. John Hutt & Neil Bradley who gave the track to Kiwi Flat track the trim and got permission on our behalf from P.D. Farms (thanks
Guys!), chose to mark the route you mentioned along the TL of the Waitaha and
then up an old farm road on the NE corner of the farm.Folk have the choice
of either route.
The hot pools in the Morgan Gorge are still there. Someone has been using
it recently judging by some gear that has been left down there. The little creek that provides access down from the track and the next gully
around (both of which are before Anson Creek) have both blown out again,
and are still unstable and on the move.