Waitangi Soda Springs

Name: Shannon Taia
Rating: 10/10
on 6 April 2010

Tino Mihinunui e nga Kaitiaki o tenei Toanga. Kia ora mo nga arohanui mahi katoa. Kia Ora mai Tatou katoa.” I’m far -far from home looking seaching for pictures to sustain my desire to return home before planned. The spring is one of the many gifts I miss, when so far away. So much history & whakapapa, memories for me and my babies. I remember when the changes were happening there, I was one of the many with whom had concerns, ie,access, admission and the impact on the whenua/land, but I realise now, it was out of my control i was scared of the change and that change comes whether we like it or not. To the Kaitiaki (Caretakers) of this place, thank you for caring, working on the pools and allowing us all to share. The charge has been a long time coming, and the upgrade cash would not have come from thin air and people take advantage as long as they are allowed to. The Native bush will grow back, the dust will settle. Allow the experience to be one of what you remembered, humble yourself, (thats what they have done every time you have visited their land and not asked koha/money of you) Yet Their poeple fought hard for their land, all our Tipuna did. So if its not there for you arohamai (sorry) you may now have to find it elsewhere to create new memories, good luck with that. Honestly.

I can’t wait to come home and have a soak, sit with my family and enjoy what I can’t find anywhere else in the world, until I have to return to OZ earn the money to enable me to live and build on the land I have been gifted though my Tipuna. Untouched, unworked, owing money no doubt, demarding various costs to just live on it.
YOU live in a paradise, stop moaning, See everything before you, focuss on the positive things. Feed the healing pool positive thoughts, light energy and unconditional Aroha. Ma te wa. 🙂