Waitangi Soda Springs

Name: Jane West
Rating: 7/10
on 28 May 2014

I wasn’t going to stop here but decided to have a try – the appearance of the pool was great from a distance but up close there was an oily scum and brown floaties which were quite offputting, but it was explained that they were natural occurrences leaching from the surrounding rocks and bush. The water itself was divine, just the right temperature right near the steps and ramp, and the gravelly bottom felt great underfoot. The caretaker, Jo, kindly gave me a bottle of coconut oil to slather exposed skin with as the sandflies were rampant, even though it was a cool day. However I neglected to put it on my legs when I got out, and got attacked something severe. I used a whole tube of anti-itch cream in the next couple of hours, but ended up in Emergency at Tauranga Hospital at 2 a.m. next morning with a severe allergic reaction to the bites. Fixed with antihistamines, but not a pleasant experience. The sandflies are thick and thirsty in the changerooms, so be warned!