Waiwera Thermal Resort and Spa

Name: Benji
Rating: 3/10
on 13 June 2014

I have lived whole life in auckland and as a kid i use to go to waiwera on a regular bases where they had plenty of hydroslides to choose from, played movies that were actually interesting and exciting to watch that everyone wanted to see and had clean toilets plus it was worth spending the money to go to also my respects to the lifeguards who saved my life when i was about 6 or 7 when i almost drown when i slipped into the pool now im 22 they have only two hydroslides which you can only use one of them at a time also the tower looks like its on its last legs plus it looks dangerous with the old set up of the old slides thatsarnt there, they play movies not only have i never heard of but quite dull, the hot pools was extremely dirty with skin floating throughout the pool which almost made me vomit, there cafe took over 30 min to get a single order out when me and my friends were the only ones in the cafe, the toilets not only smelled but were extremely dirty, the stoney concret hurt my feet if i try to walk bear feet and the pools were a bit cold considering it was suppose to be hot pools

im highly disappointed on how rundown it has gotten especially when it use to be a fun place where i could go out of my way to enjoy
due to this its not worth spending $25 to go here its more worth $10 until they start improving
the only thing good about this place is the bottle water the have produced i think that was a very smart business decision