Waiwera Thermal Resort and Spa

Rating: 10/10
on 8 April 2008

hmmm…. what to say about the good old waiwera; firstly I feel it is my right to protect some of its reputation and especially that of the people that work there
a child has gone down the slide wearing a back pack and smacked its head on the side of the pool, if the pool is too deep for a child who cant swim then why would you send it down the slide in the first place?????
if you go down a slide with more than one person what do you think happens to the one at the front… we have had broken pelvices!
if you go down face first you could end up like the guy who slammed into the bottom of the pool breaking his nose and knocking himself out!
someone has died standing up on slides!
imagine waiting for your mate or child at the front of the slide with your head right in front of the opening looking for them, next thing they come shooting out and hit you smack in the face… broken nose for you and some sort of intence pain for them!
BIG FACT the lifeguards dont make these rules to be kill joys, they are actually amazing people who just want to have fun BUT they have to do there job and if that means telling you how to be safe or asking you to supervise your under 8 who cant swim then so be it.
THEREFORE: one at a time feet first lying down on your back, when you get to the bottom please please please move out of the way and if you are catching a young child then please stand slightly to the side 🙂
t-shirts are fine in the pool as cotton does not affect the water quailty at all… the real reason people are not aloud to wear them is only known by a few people at waiwera and to be honest I AM REPULSED BY THE ANSWER
bombing and flipping are not allowed as people tend to get carried way and hurt themselves eg. little girl last week did a backwards flip into the pool and hit her head on the side. bombing is more of a distraction as people dont like big splashers and apparntly some people can get spinal injuries???!
the movie pool is not really a movie pool as they can only play sky movies with a rating that parents wont disapprove of, trust me if i had my way it would play real movies and have real volume but half the time people dont want to watch what others are watching and for some people its too loud and others its too quiet.
the greatest thing about that horrible cutty vicious concrete is it STOPS PEOPLE FROM RUNNING!!!!!! to be honest i dont actually think dats why they have never put new concrete down but so few people will run over it that it has prevented lots of nasty slips 🙂
the adult pool is supposed to be for ADULTS ONLY but if a child is sitting in there with mum and dad and not jumping about like a loony then if no one else in the pool objects then they can stay. however if im doing a roam around the pools and a bunch of adults are jumping about i will ask them to stop or even kick them out!
the toilets get cleaned as often as they can be due to the number of lifeguards on both male and female, but admittidly it is hard to get in there on busy days… the cleaning products are very sweet smelling and pungent and its not the easist thing trying to clean while you are surrounded by a bunch of half naked strangers… you basically want to run out the door BUT WE DO CLEAN THEM ANYWAY!
the water is tested every 3hours as per standard for all public swimming pools in new zealand and the funny floating stuff in the pools is just a build up of natural minerals and is completely harmless
the place is expensive at $25 per head but if you consider staying there all day eg. 9am till 10pm then i guess it works itself out but i wouldnt reccommed a weekend or just going for a couple of hours!

all in all either you love waiwera or you hate waiwera but reguardless of that people will always come back. me, I love waiwera… its the speedslide and meeting random customers and getting thrown in the pool on my birthday and going for swims with my workmates who are like my family and knowing that my job is important and that I can save a life if I need to and that I HAVE SAVED LIVES 🙂
*peace out homiez*